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Join the SO FX Trading Academy today and be taught how the worlds leading FX traders make their millions.

Learn to Trade Forex

We've taught thousands of UK traders how to trade Forex, make consistent profits and change their lives.

Learn to Trade Forex

We've taught thousands of UK traders how to trade Forex, make consistent profits and change their lives.

Who Are We?

We are a UK company based in Southampton who provide exceptional education for working professionals and students who are motivated to learn how to trade forex and ultimately, how to change their life. We provide education for anyone that is dedicated, passionate and looking to make trading a primary or secondary source of income.

We Provide Exceptional Education

We host Masterclasses which are designed to provide you with a wealth of information about the trading industry. Whether you know a little bit already or are a complete novice, you will benefit greatly from one of our masterclasses. What do they involve? You will learn the ins and outs of forex, where to start, the secrets, how to be successful and so, so much more. If you are interested in Forex Trading, then our Masterclass is a must!

Want To Trade But Have No Time?

Not to worry! Our in-house analysts are on hand to provide all of our students with daily trade setups to ensure you are getting real time profitable market experience whilst, most importantly, making money on the markets.

SO FX Latest Masterclass

Take a look at our latest 2 day Masterclass that we hosted live in London

What We Offer...


We offer an online apprenticeship course that spans across 6 months. During your apprenticeship, we teach you how to trade using 2 profitable strategies. Upon completion, we provide you with ongoing support.


Our Masterclasses are hosted by Forex experts, and are held across 2 days. The Masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about Forex Trading. The first day is education based, whilst the second day focuses on live trading.


We have our very own analysis chat which will help you find potential trading opportunities from our in-house professional Forex traders. You can access the chat daily for help and assitance.


Hey guys, thanks for the two class it definitely brought things together for me. Safe travels guys and good luck trading.

I got a lot out of the two days it’s been great. Closed out today’s trades 63 pips up so for first day I cannot complain. Hopefully picking out new trades tomorrow following what I have learnt will give similar rewards. 

Thanks to everyone at SOFX, Great contents, many things learnt, especially where I was going wrong. Thanks for all the tuition, any more seminars let me know. I will try to keep you guys updated on how I’m doing.